“Our Dear Politrickians”
I’ll write you a poem;
ink with my blood and rhyme
on the note of shame

my dear politrickians,
I’ll birth your evil-deeds
with the tears of the masses

O Sweets are your words
-that lock our sour minds
In the jail of your promises

Heaven is in your words
When you beg for our thumbs
-to ink your portrait on our electoral-note

but when on the national seat,
we’re burnt to ashes
in the hell of your lies

sometimes, truths are your lies
-that wear our bare souls
The garment of thorns

and you pass to our minds
the blind words
“vision twenty! twenty!!”

O Selfishness is your beauty!
As you trample our poor heads
With the feet of your avarice

you fly our war chest
into your invincible nest
your sons and daughters smile,

_while the masses cry
today is yours in peace
i pray tomorrow shall be your pieces .

Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola

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