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We are the leaders of the morrow

Dangling as unripened fruits

On our today’s trees of stillness

When our old-today is barren,

How can ‘we’ young tomorrow be born?

We are the leaders of the morrow

Elected by permanent voters’ bullets

To rule the parliament of death

And the national assembly of graves

Who can bring life to our dead dreams?

We are the leaders of the morrow

Minced by the butchers of Sambisa

In the festival of their holy war

Where the tongue of the earth sips deeply

The cold wine, from the breweries of our necks

We are the leaders of the morrow

Married away in the blind noon

With unquestionable and metallic dowries

To become forest wives of human apes

The last sight of our pens and books

We are the leaders of the morrow

Who faced fire and smoked its flame

In the university of spiny assignments

But were later employed as fighting gadgets

In the office of our political potentates

We are the leaders of the morrow

Standing, bending, and kneeling

Lying prostrate and begging the herbalists

Of this our national shrines to allow us

Too, to dine and wine with the gods

The ‘gods’ means the Europeans or the advanced countries.




http://facebook.com/rowspoetry  [WAKE UP MY MOTHERLAND]

Nigeria, my motherland!
You doss on this floor of self- slavery
And now your snore has brought famine
To eat up your fertile lands
Your forest of green leaves
Has become a jungle of tears
Where our hopes dangle on withered trees
Your high hills of wealth
Have ‘en brought low
By them who hold the hammers of corruption
And when we questioned their deeds,
They pointed their oiled fingers straight
To delude us with dark ‘bright future’
Oh Wake up, from this act of deceit!
You own bow and quiver full of arrows
But little rodent taunt you!
Shame on you, my motherland!
You call strangers to string your bows
And your offspring are mere laborers
In the farm of the men from across the ocean
Toiling, to take from your barn into their soils!
The explosion of bombs in the north,
Fell churches’ walls to swallow human bodies
With the mouth of infant graves
And your misery is crowned
In the world record of infamy!
Oh Wake up my motherland!
For this dream might lead you unto death!

written by: Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola.


The beauty of a grave
Beneath maggot reigning
The beauty of the brave
Hills of self depending
The beauty of a lady
Men large lake of lust
Where their homes fell in melancholy
The beauty of being trust
Reverse opposite in character
The beauty of being on throne
Manager with great damager
Disease in masses back-boneThe beauty of being loyal to one’s land
All in peace but treason during pieces
O the beauty of the world
Earth of ocean of damages

Beauty also not beautiful
But my rhyme is meaningful.

  written by: Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola


Amidst dazzling stars….
Successful blossom,
Fantastic moments,
Love and laughter.
We celebrate you as a bard,
who brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than he gets,
And fills our lives with the joy of poetry.
This enchanting day of yours….
Deserves a royal ceremony.
Have a 365 days of fun around the sun,
May every hour and minute of your life
be filled with sheer delight.
Happy birthday Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola

written by:Muhammad Ahmad Oyereyi



Today is a day of thanksgiving
Our Lord deserves praises
For all he had being doing
Being your God at all stages

To him be glory
For keeping you alive
And making you merry
Even in times of strive

To him be adoration
For being your shield
In every situation
On this field

As you become plus one
On this joyful day
Have plenty of fun
For it’s your birthday

Happy Birthday
Long life and prosperity
And may the lord never let you stray
Everyday on this entity
written by:Oku-Ola Paul Abiola Continue reading A THANKSGIVING DAY